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The Teens Roundtable Mentoring Club is a platform for learning, brokenness, friendship and inspiration founded by Etima Umeh to help raise responsible Teens. The platform have thrived for 3 years now and been a catalyst for transformation in character, academics, relationship for the teen-members.

Know About Etima Umeh

How I Can Save You Years
Of Teen Struggles

Aunty Etima is a Responsible Teen’s coach on a mission to raise a new breed of responsible teenagers and young adults in partnership with parents, teachers and the larger society.
She started her journey professionally 15 years ago, but has been a peer mentor from her days as a teenager.

Her signature blueprint - The Responsible Teen Code - have proven to be effective in guiding both parents and teenagers to build better relationships with each.

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The Responsible Teens Academy

The Academy is a platform where professional teen mentors teach, train and coach teenagers to take up personal responsibility for their emotions, decisions, actions and life in general.

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Teen coaching is a program designed to encourage self leadership, personal development and Responsibility in young adults.

How to Get Your Teen to Open Up To You (Book & Audio Course)

Your personal resource to learn the E.L.I.M.I.N.A.T.E Method to having your teen talk to you more openly and frequently

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